Module title: Security Testing and Advanced Network Forensics

SCQF level: 10:
SCQF credit value: 20.00
ECTS credit value: 10

Module code: CSN10407
Module leader: Naghmeh Moradpoor Sheykhkanloo
School School of Computing
Subject area group: Cyber Security and Networking

To study this modules you will need the learning equivalent to the module listed or to have passed this module.

Module Code: CSN09412
Level 9 equivalent networking-related module.

Description of module content:

The aim of the module is to develop a deep understanding of advanced areas related to security and vulnerability analysis, that will allow graduates to act professionally in the design, analysis, implementation, and testing of real-life information infrastructures. An outline of the main areas includes:

- Virtualised security test environments (services, hosts, servers and security devices).

- Vulnerability and Threat Analysis. Network trace analysis, enumeration and scanning.

- Penetration Testing. Metasploit, Backdoors, Fuzzifiers, Metasploitable and Armitage.

- Signature Creation and Detection for Network/Host Device Detection. - Web and Database Security Testing. Threat creation, detection and mitigation.

- Advanced Penetration and Security Testing.

- Introduction to Malware Analysis. Malware Creation and Detection.- Introduction to SIEM integration. Searching across logs and log aggregation.

- Advanced Network Protocol Analysis. - Stenography.

- Internet of Things Security.

Learning Outcomes for module:

Upon completion of this module you will be able to

LO1:Develop an advanced knowledge of key security fundamentals for threat and vulnerability analysis.

LO2:Critically review the key academic principles and integrate the practical skills required to follow a career in threat analysis and penetration testing.

LO3:Design, implement, evaluate and critically analyse the vulnerability assessment of a complex information infrastructure.

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