Core Module Information
Module title: Wealth Management

SCQF level: 08:
SCQF credit value: 20.00
ECTS credit value: 10

Module code: FIN08109
Module leader: Ismaila Yusuf
School The Business School
Subject area group: Accounting and Finance

There are no pre-requisites for this module to be added

Description of module content:

The module provides an introduction to the core asset classes of Cash, Fixed Income, Real Estate and Equities and factors to consider when accessing them for the purposes of building and managing personal wealth management solutions, including Risk and Return, Liquidity and other operational, financial and fiscal implications. Students will also be introduced to the structure and main functions of the stock market, which will be complemented with the assessed task of building and managing a portfolio of listed companies over the course of the module. We will explore a range of financial metrics, approaches to performance measurement and both technical and fundamental analysis techniques to support this activity

Learning Outcomes for module:

LO1: Establish the rationale and importance of personal wealth management.
LO2: Evaluate the key characteristics of core asset classes and the role each can play in building investment solutions.
LO3: Develop insights into the research and analysis techniques required when evaluating stock-exchange listed companies.
LO4: Acquire an understanding of the basic concepts of constructing and managing a personal portfolio of holdings in the stock of exchange-traded companies and cash.
LO5: Develop insights into equity trading activity and the performance measurement of stocks in an absolute sense and relative to their industry sector and wider stock market indices.
LO6: Review the principles of technical analysis and fundamental analysis to support an understanding of share price movement and valuation techniques.

Full Details of Teaching and Assessment
2022/3, Trimester 2, FACE-TO-FACE, Edinburgh Napier University
Occurrence: 001
Primary mode of delivery: FACE-TO-FACE
Location of delivery: CRAIGLOCKHAR
Partner: Edinburgh Napier University
Member of staff responsible for delivering module: Ismaila Yusuf
Module Organiser:

Learning, Teaching and Assessment (LTA) Approach:
You are expected to identify, research and select a range of companies listed and traded on the London Stock Exchange for inclusion in a hypothetical personal investment portfolio. The rationale for your choice of stocks to be held in the portfolio is covered in LO4. You will learn how to approach the researching of company information and how to interpret it (LO2,3,4), enabling you to make informed choices on which companies to invest in; the technical and theoretical aspects of this are covered in lectures and the practical application is covered in tutorial exercises. You should begin researching and analysing stocks and constructing your portfolio at an early stage in the module - monitoring performance (LO5, LO6) as the module progresses

Embedding of employability/PDP/scholarship skills
The portfolio requires to be monitored and updated regularly. Company, sector and market data have to be acquired frequently and systematically, then evaluated and recorded in a spreadsheet. Computational skills are developed as you compare each company with its sector (similar companies) and the market as a whole. This requires you to obtain the relevant figures on security price changes, sector index changes and market index changes and to compare them on a percentage basis in order to make valid comparisons; the figures are expected to be presented in chart form. These skills are also encouraged via the computational exercises covered in tutorials. During the process you will need to make important decisions which can effect the value of your investments and you will need to discuss the development of your portfolio with the module leader and other students during the course of the module, which should encourage analytical and communication skills. Since you are given a high degree of autonomy throughout the module in order to collect data and to monitor and maintain your portfolio, considerable self-discipline and time management is required and expected.

Formative Assessment:
In a number of tutorial sessions, you will discuss and receive feedback on your approach to initial company research, analysis and stock selection and the ongoing monitoring of, plus additional trading activity within, your portfolios. Your module leader will encourage you to develop the relevant skills to engage as fully and effectively as possible with the assessment exercise. In addition, following the final week of teaching, a tutorial session will be available for you to discuss any aspect of producing the portfolio report with your module leader.

Summative Assessment:
Over the semester, you are required to construct, manage and report on a portfolio of company shares, of your choosing, all companies must have their stock listed and traded on the London Stock Exchange (LSE). Evaluation is based on the grading of a report submitted by you, which among other things, will demonstrate your use of research and analytical skills in stock selection, approach to portfolio construction, rationale for trading activity and performance measurement techniques.
An Assessment Guide will be made available on Moodle, providing you with key criteria to observe in the structure and delivery of portfolio reports; this will be supplemented with support during tutorial sessions on a regular basis.

Student Activity (Notional Equivalent Study Hours (NESH))
Mode of activityLearning & Teaching ActivityNESH (Study Hours)
Face To Face Lecture 12
Face To Face Tutorial 20
Independent Learning Guided independent study 168
Total Study Hours200
Expected Total Study Hours for Module200

Type of Assessment Weighting % LOs covered Week due Length in Hours/Words
Report 100 LO1-LO6 14/15 , WORDS= 4000
Component 1 subtotal: 100
Component 2 subtotal: 0
Module subtotal: 100

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