Core Module Information
Module title: Professional Development and Practice in Journalism

SCQF level: 10:
SCQF credit value: 20.00
ECTS credit value: 10

Module code: JAC10128
Module leader: Miranda Hurst
School School of Arts and Creative Industries
Subject area group: Media and Humanities


Description of module content:

In this module you will prepare for the professional and/or academic challenges you will face after graduation. You will learn how to determine career ambitions, how to research strategies and methods to achieve your aspirations and how to develop your self-promotional and presentation skills. You will also learn how to conduct yourself appropriately within the context of current professional practice. You will learn fundamental administrative and financial skills, as appropriate, required for a professional career. You will learn about the laws, policies, ethics and practices germane to your chosen profession.
You will identify, research and develop a self-initiated portfolio and report that will provide you with a foundation for your professional development for your graduate career ambitions.

Learning Outcomes for module:

Upon completion of this module you will be able to
LO1: Critically develop and reflect upon an appropriate level of professionalism in your chosen career pathway;
LO2: Formulate and test plans to achieve your career development ambitions and solutions to challenges which arise;
LO3: Develop professional presentation skills appropriate to your vocational specialism and/or educational aspirations;
LO4: Organise your time and knowledge to function as an autonomous professional;
LO5: Integrate into your professional practices and self-presentation ethical and professional values appropriate to your career and/or educational pathway.

Full Details of Teaching and Assessment
2022/3, Trimester 2, FACE-TO-FACE, Edinburgh Napier University
Occurrence: 001
Primary mode of delivery: FACE-TO-FACE
Location of delivery: MERCHISTON
Partner: Edinburgh Napier University
Member of staff responsible for delivering module: Miranda Hurst
Module Organiser:

Learning, Teaching and Assessment (LTA) Approach:
Through a series of lectures (LOs 1,2,5), workshops (LOs 1,2,3,5) and group and one-to-one tutorials (LOs 1-5) you will learn how to research and establish action plans to progress your professional development. There will also be a number of lectures with external speakers from the creative industries and a session with a representative panel of employers. The module will help you develop your self-promotional and presentation skills, and to determine your graduate career ambitions. The module relies extensively on one-to-one tutorials to help you to establish bespoke career ambitions, identify the professional attributes you possess, and recognise development requirements (LOs 1,2, and 4). Group tutorials and discussions will help you to develop your critical skills and collegial work skills, and to recognise wider career opportunities and professional development strategies (LOs 1,2,and 3). Workshops will present you with opportunities to develop specific skills required to present yourself professionally (LOs 3 and 5). Additionally when developing your Portfolio you may work independently or in groups to develop you self-reliance and/or you collaborative skills (LOs 1,2,3,4, and 5).
The purpose of the Professional Development module is to help you recognise the employability skills you possess, and to identify areas of development you require to pursue your career ambitions. Throughout the module you will work closely with a tutor to establish goals and development opportunities bespoke to your interests. This module facilitates professional development for a wide range of career ambitions, including the broadcast media, film, television and journalism, and the creative industries more broadly, careers outwith the creative industries, and continuing further and higher education. You will explore and develop, at a professional level, knowledge, skills, and attributes introduced and developed throughout your degree programme, and apply them to your graduate career ambitions. Furthermore, you will recognise that many of these attributes you have developed throughout your degree studies, such as creativity, self-motivation, flexibility, self-awareness, self-evaluation, and critical reflection, have established in you transferable skills relevant for any career pathway.

Formative Assessment:
Formative assignments will include researching and completing an Action Plan identifying the goals and skills you need to develop, and the means to realise this development. In order to present yourself as a professional within your chosen career pathway you will draft and revise a CV specific to your career interests. You will establish an on-line presence tailored to your career goals. You will develop self-promotional materials such as show reels, draft applications for training and/or continuing educational opportunities. You will draft suitable cover letters to accompany job applications.
The variety of approaches to learning and teaching in this module will provide extensive opportunities for formative assessment and feedback. In particular, group tutorials provide you with opportunities to discuss your work as you develop it, discuss the work of your colleagues and receive peer and lecturer feedback (LOs 2,3, and 4). One-to-one tutorials provide you with opportunities to reflect on this work and to consider in detail specific areas of strength and to identify areas which require further research and development (LOs 1,2,3,4, and 5).

Summative Assessment:
You will undertake two elements of summative assessment each of which constitutes an individual component of the module’s assessment workload. Over the trimester you will produce a Professional Development Portfolio for submission in Week 13 (LOs 1,2,3,4,5) The specific contents of your Portfolio will be agreed with the module staff, but will include the completed items that were produced as formative assessment assignments and have been discussed in tutorials. These will consist of a self-evaluation; action plans; a variety of forms of CV; a biography; a collection of promotional materials relevant to your career ambitions; a breakdown of professional development requirements, costings for development/training and plans to secure these funds; and a professional development journal. The volume of your Portfolio will be negotiated, but will be no less than the equivalent of 4000 words.
The second component will be a Report (1000 words) that will reflect on your Portfolio, provide an account of your short, medium and long term career aspirations and outlines a plan to achieve these objectives (LOs 1,2,and 5). Both assessments require extensive research. This research must be evident in both assessments.

Student Activity (Notional Equivalent Study Hours (NESH))
Mode of activityLearning & Teaching ActivityNESH (Study Hours)
Face To Face Lecture 18
Face To Face Practical classes and workshops 18
Independent Learning Guided independent study 164
Total Study Hours200
Expected Total Study Hours for Module200

Type of Assessment Weighting % LOs covered Week due Length in Hours/Words
Portfolio 80 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 12 HOURS= 0, WORDS= 4000
Report 20 1, 2, 5 13 HOURS= 0, WORDS= 1000
Component 1 subtotal: 80
Component 2 subtotal: 20
Module subtotal: 100

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