Core Module Information
Module title: TV Scriptwriting (COG)

SCQF level: 09:
SCQF credit value: 20.00
ECTS credit value: 10

Module code: LMD09136
Module leader: James Blake
School School of Arts and Creative Industries
Subject area group: Media and Humanities

There are no pre-requisites for this module.

Description of module content:

This module is an introduction to scriptwriting for television and will examine the requirements for fictional drama programmes.

You will learn about how story ideas can be generated; define a story/programme idea in a short outline; pitch ideas and develop a script. You will also learn about the different styles and formats used in the television industry.

Through a series of lectures, seminars and workshops you will learn about key concepts in story development and writing for television.

You will develop the creative and critical skills required to progress from an outline/treatment to a completed short form script for television.

You will be encouraged to identify opportunities for new writing in the schedules of a range of broadcasters and the projects will be treated as professional pieces of work.

The module will also engage with public forums for script development such as the BBC’s Writers’ Room. Where appropriate, you will be encouraged to submit their work for public scrutiny and comment, as well as to any suitable competitions for new writers.

Learning Outcomes for module:

Upon completion of this module you will be able to

LO1: Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the range of approaches to television scriptwriting for drama and comedy formats
LO2: Construct and prepare a written outline for a potential script idea, based on content and genre research
LO3: Produce an original script, appropriate for television, which takes account of feedback during the development stage.
LO4: Critically reflect on your learning and evaluate your completed Script, demonstrating awareness and understanding of the current broadcast television and new media market, and an assessment of the script’s potential as a professional project

Full Details of Teaching and Assessment
2022/3, Trimester 1, Face-to-Face, Edinburgh Napier University
Occurrence: 001
Primary mode of delivery: Face-to-Face
Location of delivery: CITYGLASGOW
Partner: Edinburgh Napier University
Member of staff responsible for delivering module: James Blake
Module Organiser:

Learning, Teaching and Assessment (LTA) Approach:
Learning & Teaching Methods (including their alignment to Learning Outcomes)

Teaching and learning will take place in lectures and seminars for all students on one day per week (LOs 1, 2,). Lectures and seminars will be delivered to the whole class. You will research, write and present a short Outline Treatments. (LOs 1,2,3). There will be one-to-one Tutorial support to assist you to develop your scripts. Research, writing and creative skills will be developed through individual learning while working on the script (LO1,2,3). You will also gain an understanding of genres, formats and target markets and will be supported to critically reflect on these while developing your scripts and (LO4).

Embedding of employability/PDP/scholarship skills

You will gain skills and knowledge during both lectures and workshops and apply this in exercises reflecting current industry professional practice. You will develop creative writing, presentation and communication skills linked to professional practice in the creative industries, enabling you to articulate ideas clearly, confidently and effectively. You will develop your understanding of current trends in broadcasting and be equipped to apply these core skills to secure and maintain employment in media and related professions. You will develop your research and analytical skills and your ability to identify new opportunities in the changing broadcasting environment.

Formative Assessment:
You will workshop in class with your peers, receiving constructively critical formative feedback on your narrative premise, helping you to further develop the idea.

The module’s Assessment 1 asks you to write a one-page narrative Outline for a short drama of your devising, based on your narrative premise. Feedback on this graded assessment is formative in nature, allowing you to progress the narrative to script format for the second assessment. (30% of the total mark - LO 1,2, & 3)

Formative assessment is also offered on a rough draft of your script in a one-to-one tutorial with a module tutor prior to the format assessment submission deadline.

The Outline is due in Week 7, to give you time to reflect on the feedback regarding the suitability of your idea as a script. Between first and the second assessment, an initial draft of the script will be formatively assessed.

Summative Assessment:
Assessment 2 is for a completed Script (60%), for a 10 minute drama and should be formatted appropriately (60% - LO 1,2,3). Assessment 3- is a short pitch/report (10% - LO 1,4) outlining the target market for your completed script.
Each Assessment sheet grades, provides a tick box evaluation against the Assessment Criteria, and offers the grader’s written comments.

Student Activity (Notional Equivalent Study Hours (NESH))
Mode of activityLearning & Teaching ActivityNESH (Study Hours)
Face To Face Lecture 36
Independent Learning Guided independent study 164
Total Study Hours200
Expected Total Study Hours for Module200

Type of Assessment Weighting % LOs covered Week due Length in Hours/Words
Project - Written 30 1,2,3 6 HOURS= 0, WORDS= 1000
Project - Written 60 1,2,3 12 HOURS= 0, WORDS= 1000
Project - Written 60 1,2,3 12 HOURS= 0, WORDS= 1000
Component 1 subtotal: 30
Component 2 subtotal: 120
Module subtotal: 150

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