Core Module Information
Module title: Advanced Processes & Digital Manufacture

SCQF level: 10:
SCQF credit value: 20.00
ECTS credit value: 10

Module code: MEC10118
Module leader: Colin Hindle
School School of Engineering and the Built Environment
Subject area group: Mechanical Materials and Manufacturing Management

There are no pre-requisites for this module to be added

Description of module content:

From a starting point of the 3D CAD model of a product, this module will cover the principles of prototyping, prototyping technologies (with exemplars) and applications of prototypes for both plastics products and associated tooling. Rapid prototyping fundamentals will be outlined along with applications, benefits, classification, net shape processing and evaluation of products realised by means of digital manufacture. Market potential for prototyping, selection of rapid prototyping systems will be considered and supported by industrial case studies.
This will lead onto recent developments in manufacturing processes mainly dealing with plastics products and with particular emphasis on advanced moulding; the application of statistical process control to the manufacture of plastics products; sustainable design including design for assembly and disassembly; and surface finishing of plastics products.

Learning Outcomes for module:

On completion of this module you will be able to:
LO1: Accurately assess the types and principles of prototyping and digital manufacture.
LO2: Appraise advanced processing methods mainly associated with the manufacture of plastics products
LO3: Make effective use of statistical process control principles to manage the quality of plastics products during manufacture.
LO4: Analyse and make effective use of prototyping technologies to manufacture plastics products.
LO5: Examine finishing processes for plastics products and appraise their use for plastics products.
LO6: Appraise design approaches for sustainability in plastics products and their manufacture.

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