Core Module Information
Module title: Medical Microbiology

SCQF level: 09:
SCQF credit value: 20.00
ECTS credit value: 10

Module code: MIC09100
Module leader: Clare Taylor
School School of Applied Sciences
Subject area group: Life Sciences


Description of module content:

In this module you will investigate the mechanisms by which medically-important microorganisms cause disease in humans. As well as considering immune evasion and diagnostic methods, new and current strategies to prevent and treat infection will also be examined, in the context of antimicrobial resistance. You will develop key transferable skills including scientific writing, laboratory skills, and critical thinking.

Learning Outcomes for module:

LO1: Illustrate the diversity of microbial pathogens which cause disease in humans;
LO2: Compare and contrast strategies by which different pathogens invade and cause disease in a host, including subversion of the immune system;
LO3: Evaluate strategies for the prevention and treatment of infection, including in the context of antimicrobial resistance;
LO4: Develop experimental laboratory skills in medical microbiology;
LO5: Evaluate experimental data and develop scientific writing.

Full Details of Teaching and Assessment

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