Core Module Information
Module title: Music Technology and Live Performance

SCQF level: 08:
SCQF credit value: 20.00
ECTS credit value: 10

Module code: MUS08152
Module leader: Bryden Stillie
School School of Arts and Creative Industries
Subject area group: Screen and Performance

Ability to use a computer-based MIDI workstation to synthesise, develop and refine musical ideas; ability to use a computer-based MIDI workstation in creative, non-routine contexts. Ability to use a Digital Audio Workstation for basic recording, editing and mixing of performances; ability to use appropriate terminology for common studio workflows, terms and personnel.

Description of module content:

This module is designed to extend your knowledge in the creative and practical use of music software, associated software controllers, and recording studio skills. Through lab-based classes and practical tasks you will further develop your knowledge of software functionality, build confidence in its use, and develop workflows that are appropriate to your musical interests and goals. Through studio-based classes and practical tasks, you will further develop your knowledge of recording studio activities. This module also introduces the concept of music software in the context of live performance which will enable you to explore and develop new approaches to enhancing the musical elements of solo or ensemble performances.

Students on this module will explore:
File management and workflow; MIDI sequencing, quantizing and editing; arrangement; region and track based automation parameters; MIDI effects; audio recording, editing and manipulation; effects plugins and software instruments; efficient session management; mic’ing techniques; studio workflows; software controllers; live manipulation of instruments and effects; audio interfaces; studio techniques for live performance.

Learning Outcomes for module:

LO1: Make extensive use of a DAW and studio techniques to express musical ideas.
LO2: Explore and develop methods of using a computer-based DAW in non-routine contexts
LO3: Combine and extend recording studio skills
LO4: Create and perform technology-led compositions using music software and associated hardware

Full Details of Teaching and Assessment
2022/3, Trimester 1, BLENDED,
Occurrence: 001
Primary mode of delivery: BLENDED
Location of delivery: MERCHISTON
Member of staff responsible for delivering module: Bryden Stillie
Module Organiser:

Learning, Teaching and Assessment (LTA) Approach:
Teaching consists of bi-weekly classes based in the Music Lab, practise rooms and studios (LOs 1,2,3,4). The Music Lab will be available throughout the period of this module allowing you to experiment with concepts covered in class content (LOs 1,2,3,4). A significant amount of content is delivered via Moodle in the form of software screencasts and online activities (LOs 1,2,3,4), which requires dedicated time and engagement on the part of the student. Students must review and experiment with this content on a weekly basis to ensure that they are fully prepared to apply knowledge in lab settings and that they progress at an appropriate pace. Tutor-led classes enhance the learning materials that have been provided online and provide the opportunity for practical application of techniques and skills (LOs 1,2,3,4). Students will engage in online and face-to-face collaborative work, and self-directed learning through a series of formative exercises to develop skills and knowledge required to meet summative assessment requirements. (LOs 1,2,3,4)

Formative Assessment:
To help develop your work and prepare to successfully meet the requirements of the summative assessments, students are provided a series of opportunities to receive formative feedback from staff and peers on the work they are developing.
Throughout each block of teaching in-class personalised 1-1 feedback will be provided verbally by your tutor on your progress on set tasks and activities. A formative peer assessment task exists in the final block of teaching and will require students upload a draft (1 minute) of their software-based performances for peer critique.

Summative Assessment:
Assessment 1: Mic'ing Exam (Week 6)
Students will take a 30-minute written exam in class, assessing their knowledge of stereo mic’ing techniques and approaches to mic’ing for various acoustic instruments. The skills gained for this assessment contribute to your realisation of LOs 1 and 3.

Assessment 2: Portfolio (Week 14/15)
Students will present a 10-minute lesson in pairs via an online portfolio given topic related to the music software covered in Trimester 1. Topics and pairings will be provided by Week 5 of Trimester 1 to ensure that students have appropriate time to conduct research, generate appropriate teaching materials and plan their online lessons. Students will also create a web page to accompany their chosen topic that encompasses images, audio, text and downloadable music session files that can be used as reference and teaching materials for peers. The skills gained for this assessment contributes to your realisation of LOs 1, 2 and 3.

Assessment 3: Studio Techniques (Week 23)
Students will sit a 30-minute listening test, assessing their ability to recognise a range of studio techniques and processes. The skills gained for this assessment contribute to realisation of LOs 1 and 3.

Assessment 4: Live performance with Music Technology (Week 34)
Students will perform and capture a 5-minute set of music using music technology and related software controllers. You will record, sequence, mix, control and manipulate the music software-based instrumentation and textures. The skills gained for this assessment contributes to your realisation of LOs 1, 2 and 4.

Student Activity (Notional Equivalent Study Hours (NESH))
Mode of activityLearning & Teaching ActivityNESH (Study Hours)
Face To Face Practical classes and workshops 24
Face To Face Supervised time in studio/workshop 8
Online Guided independent study 12
Independent Learning Guided independent study 156
Total Study Hours200
Expected Total Study Hours for Module200

Type of Assessment Weighting % LOs covered Week due Length in Hours/Words
Class Test 25 1, 3 6
Portfolio 25 1, 2, 3 14/15
Class Test 25 1, 3 23
Portfolio 25 1, 2, 4 34
Component 1 subtotal: 50
Component 2 subtotal: 50
Module subtotal: 100

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