Core Module Information
Module title: Non-Medical Prescribing for Nurses, Midwives and Allied Health Professionals

SCQF level: 11:
SCQF credit value: 40.00
ECTS credit value: 20

Module code: NMS11165
Module leader: Alison Wood
School School of Health & Social Care
Subject area group: Nursing

Meet the requirements stated in Nursing and Midwifery Council (2006) Standards of proficiency for nurse and midwife prescribers, London, NMC. Standard 1, Paragraph (b), Page 9.
Allied Health Professionals
Meet the requirements stated in Health Professions Council (2004) Outline Curriculum for Training Programmes to prepare Allied Health Professionals as Supplementary Prescribers, London, HCPC. Paragraph 2, Page 10.
Meet the requirements stated in the HCPC (2013) Standards for prescribing HCPC standards 1,2 (pp10,11)

Description of module content:

Consultation, Decision-making and Therapy including Referral. Influences on and Psychology of Prescribing. Prescribing in a Team Context Clinical Pharmacology including the Effects of Co-morbidity. Evidence-based Practice and Clinical Governance in relation to Prescribing Legal, Policy and Ethical Aspects . Professional Accountability and Responsibility. Prescribing in the Public Health Context.

Learning Outcomes for module:

Upon completion of this module you will be able to
These learning outcomes correspond with the Learning Outcomes in Standard 9 of Nursing and Midwifery Council (2006) Standards of proficiency for nurse and midwife prescribers, London, NMC. Page 18 and HCPC standards for prescribing (2013)
LO1: Critically appraise consultation models and reflect on a variety of clinical scenarios to demonstrate safe, appropriate and cost effective prescribing across the lifespan.
LO2: Critically analyse the legislation and research evidence as it applies to prescribing practice
LO3: Evaluate the relationship between multi-disciplinary teams and communication networks involved in prescribing, supplying and administering medicines
LO4: Critically reflect on the influences on prescribing practice
LO5: Synthesise knowledge of medications to one's own prescribing practice
LO6: Debate independent and supplementary prescribing in the context of ones own prescribing practice.

Full Details of Teaching and Assessment