Core Module Information
Module title: Supporting people living with and beyond cancer

SCQF level: 11:
SCQF credit value: 20.00
ECTS credit value: 10

Module code: NMS11173
Module leader: Emma Trotter
School School of Health & Social Care
Subject area group: Allied Health and Social Care Sciences


Description of module content:

This module offers you the opportunity to critically explore ways of enhancing your knowledge around the challenges people have living with and beyond cancer. The module is structured under three headings:
1) Local & national guidance current initiatives and trends
2) Anticipated problems & consequences/ late effects of treatment
3) Support to develop self-management strategies and stronger communication Links

You will have an opportunity to build on prior learning by exploring issues, engaging with guest clinical experts, critically analysing and reflecting on the literature, exploring patient experiences and collaborating with your peers.

Week 1-2 Introduction and orientation to virtual learning environment and module structure including initial collaboration with fellow students using the technology of discussion boards and webinar facilities.

Weeks 3-30
Unit 1 [week 3-11] Local & National Guidance Current Initiatives and Trends:
Studying on line material: The past present and future context of survivorship, identification of patient populations; prevalence and survival rates. Availability of primary, secondary and tertiary services for cancer patient populations. Review service provision through exploring patient experience and patient outcomes.

Unit 2 [weeks 12- 20] Anticipated Problems & Consequences/ late effects of Treatment:
Studying on line material: Critically exploring the general consequences of cancer with a specific in-depth review of Sexuality and Psychosocial consequences of cancer treatment.

Unit 3 [week 21 – 29] Support to Develop Self-Management Strategies and Stronger Communication Links:
Studying on line material: evaluating aspects of communication skills by synthesising the learning from unit 1 and unit 2 and applying to care planning and self-management including lifestyle advice. Embedded throughout the module will be the role of NHS, social services and voluntary sectors and the maintenance of professional development. Topics for discussion will include current drivers influencing cancer care; practice initiatives, issues and trends, health care resource implications.

Learning Outcomes for module:

LO1: Discuss and debate the policy and drivers that are influencing the agenda for people living with and beyond cancer
LO2: Appraise the impact that current initiatives may have on people living with and beyond cancer
LO3: Critically explore the impact of the consequences of treatments on patient experience and service provision
LO4: Critically review assessment and self-management strategies in supporting patients, carers and professionals
LO5: Critically reflect on the impact of your learning and its influence on your professional development

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