Core Module Information
Module title: Strategic Project Risk Management

SCQF level: 11:
SCQF credit value: 20.00
ECTS credit value: 10

Module code: SOE11151
Module leader: Melina Doargajudhur
School The Business School
Subject area group: Management


Description of module content:

The module covers the area of risk management in the project context and is designed to develop students’ managerial skills and necessary expertise in project risk management principles and practice. The focus is on the importance of project risk management and the need for project managers to plan ahead with respect to this, at the strategic decision level. The module also assists in developing your knowledge on essential risk management theory and concepts such as project risk identification, assessment, monitoring and control, to enhance your managerial, practical, critical and analytical skills as applicable to project environments. You will learn to apply theory and practice, and how to critically evaluate project success and failure using strategic tools designed for project risk management, including qualitative and quantitative risk analysis techniques. This includes case studies analysis used alongside the practical application to analyse and evaluate the steps to reduce risks at the strategic decision level. Crucially, you will also be able to ensure your organisation complies with quality, corporate social responsibility and corporate governance, sustainability, and ethical standards.

Learning Outcomes for module:

LO1: Analyse the principles and benefits of risk management for projects, including decision-making within different sectors

LO2: Critically examine the effects of risk from various sectors and synthesise solutions from a managerial perspective, including a risk-benefit analysis

LO3: Assess project risks qualitatively and quantitatively by using appropriate software for modelling risks

LO4: Critically appraise the alignment of sustainability principles, corporate social responsibility (CSR) and corporate governance with the organisation’s environmental policies

Full Details of Teaching and Assessment
2022/3, Trimester 2, FACE-TO-FACE, Edinburgh Napier University
Occurrence: 003
Primary mode of delivery: FACE-TO-FACE
Location of delivery: CRAIGLOCKHAR
Partner: Edinburgh Napier University
Member of staff responsible for delivering module: Joanna McVicar
Module Organiser:

Learning, Teaching and Assessment (LTA) Approach:
Tuition Pattern

The tuition pattern for this module includes a three-hours contact time per week combining a 1 x 1 Hours lecture and a 1 x 2 Hours tutorial. All students enrolled in this module must participate in the weekly learning activities.

1. Lectures

The one-hour weekly lecture aims at providing a strong theoretical as well as practical grounding on each topic and will cover the conceptual aspects of project risk management, providing theory and examples through a variety of teaching techniques. Connections are drawn and integration is undertaken between the course components. Additionally, this session is meant to be interactive and embeds exercises and discussions.

2. Tutorials / Labs

The 2-hours tutorial are designed to help you try out and reinforce your understanding of the material presented in the lectures. The tutorials give students the opportunity to practice hands-on skills using the provided material as a guide. Tutorials also allow you to collaborate with your peers and ask questions to your tutor as problems arise. You are expected to read the material presented in the lecture prior to attending the tutorial.

Formative Assessment:
Formative Assessment
You are expected to engage in discussion and participate in all tutorial activities, including practical work on a weekly basis. Your participation will be closely monitored and ongoing feedback will be provided through the trimester, both in lectures and tutorials. In particular, in-depth feedback will be given based on case study analysis, and applications of theory, and these would contribute to achieving all the learning outcomes (LO1:LO4) for this module.

Summative Assessment:
Summative Assessment
There are two assessment components in this module, and these contribute to achieving the leaning outcomes LO1:LO4. The marking criteria/rubric will be posted on Moodle for your reference.
The first assignment, Component 1, is a group assignment where each group needs to submit a managerial and analysis report. Each group will be given a series of business problems to analyze, and submit in the form of a report.
The second assignment, component 2, is an individual assignment, which is case study based where you will be provided with a list of scenarios to analyze, and subsequently submit a report with screenshots and evidence of calculations presenting the appropriate solutions. This component may cover any work covered in the module. The individual assignment contributes to 50% of the final mark.

Student Activity (Notional Equivalent Study Hours (NESH))
Mode of activityLearning & Teaching ActivityNESH (Study Hours)
Face To Face Lecture 12
Face To Face Seminar 24
Independent Learning Guided independent study 164
Total Study Hours200
Expected Total Study Hours for Module200

Type of Assessment Weighting % LOs covered Week due Length in Hours/Words
Practical Skills Assessment 50 1,2, 3, 4 11
Project - Practical 50 1, 2, 3,4 13 , WORDS= 0
Component 1 subtotal: 50
Component 2 subtotal: 50
Module subtotal: 100

Indicative References and Reading List - URL:
SOE11151 - Strategic Project Risk Management