Core Module Information
Module title: Introduction to International Hospitality, Tourism and Events

SCQF level: 07:
SCQF credit value: 20.00
ECTS credit value: 10

Module code: TSM07108
Module leader: Annamarie Sisson
School The Business School
Subject area group: Tourism and Languages

There are no pre-requisites for this module to be added

Description of module content:

This is an introductory module intended to allow you to understand, in an international context, the hospitality, tourism and events sectors which have become vital to the overall economic and socio-cultural development of worldwide destinations. The module will discuss the boundaries of tourism, hospitality and events, their inter-relationship and inter-disciplinary nature. Definitions and terminologies of tourism, hospitality and events will be provided as will information on the structure of these sectors. The measurement of tourism, hospitality and events in terms of quantitative or statistical data and the interpretation of these data are key components of the module. You will also examine demand and motivational factors for consumers of tourism, hospitality and event products.Description of module content:Definitions and terminologies of tourism, hospitality and eventsThe inter-relationship between tourism, hospitality and events sectorsThe nature of demand and consumer behaviour for tourism, hospitality and event productsPresenting and interpreting statistical data on tourism, hospitality, eventsEvaluation of consumer demand and buying behaviour

Learning Outcomes for module:

Upon completion of this module you will be able to

LO1: Identify and explain the definitions and boundaries of hospitality, tourism and events and evaluate these definitions from conceptual and technical viewpoints.

LO2: Discuss the components and structure of the international hospitality, tourism and events sectors.

LO3: Interpret and present quantitative data relating to the performance of the hospitality, tourism and events sectors.

LO4: Explain the significance of consumer behaviour and its influence on the demand for products and services in the international hospitality, tourism and events environment.

LO5: Identify and explain the determinants and motivators of demand for hospitality, tourism and events services and assess their influence on the growth of these sectors.

Full Details of Teaching and Assessment
2023/4, Trimester 1, In Person,
Occurrence: 001
Primary mode of delivery: In Person
Location of delivery: CRAIGLOCKHAR
Member of staff responsible for delivering module: Annamarie Sisson
Module Organiser:

Student Activity (Notional Equivalent Study Hours (NESH))
Mode of activityLearning & Teaching ActivityNESH (Study Hours)
Face To Face Lecture 12
Face To Face Tutorial 24
Online Guided independent study 164
Total Study Hours200
Expected Total Study Hours for Module200

Type of Assessment Weighting % LOs covered Week due Length in Hours/Words
Portfolio 20 1~2 Week 7 , WORDS= 0.33
Portfolio 30 3 Week 10 , WORDS= 2000
Portfolio 50 4~5 Week 13 , WORDS= 2000
Component 1 subtotal: 50
Component 2 subtotal: 50
Module subtotal: 100

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TSM07108 Introduction to International Hospitality, Tourism and Events